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Am I The Only Person Who Has To Make New Year’s Resolutions Every Day?

April 15, 2010

Today is always a new day. I have to remind myself of this at the end of distracted periods. Just because I failed to achieve yesterday doesn’t mean I’ll fail today. It is spring. The cherries are in blossom. A perfect time to climb back on the horse (Sometimes I hate the horse.)  as regards personal goals.

Today I have simple plans. They are:

  • To complete the full spiritual regimen that I SHOULD be doing daily but I’m just NOT.
  • To publish a blog post (ticks that one off the list)
  • To knit a significant amount on one of my projects.
  • To cut the grass.
  • To tidy the garden.
  • To clean the house.
  • To sort out my banking (tempted to use the powers of fire or witchcraft, but will probably use the power of filing)
  • To call the large Yarn company and see if I’ve got a job there.

Oh what, wait… I didn’t tell you all I might be getting a job with a large yarn shop? Selling quality yarn and teaching people to knit? I passed over that? I didn’t tell you that people might want to give me MONEY  for something that would make me so happy I’d vomit glitter every morning? No? I passed over that? Oh… oops. My bad.

I’m having my second interview sometime this month. I’ve very excited.

All the other stuff is simple to do. So I’ll do it. I’m a pro-active animal sewn together from the pro-active parts of other animals and brought back to life with the power of enthusiasm.

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