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Distraction, Simplicity And Other Excuses For Joy

March 10, 2010

I have heard before that distraction is a mark of creativity. Whilst this is almost certainly one o those lies that artists tell themselves to excuse their very human foibles, I’m choosing to believe it for the next ten minutes. If distraction IS a mark of creativity then the day I’ve just lived proves that I am THE MOST creative person on the planet Earth.

The week preceding it, thank God, was slightly less unfocused. I applied for three jobs, did some design work and sorted out my life generally. What I didn’t do was make any progress, of any sort, on my “project” knitting. The octopus, the pants, the octopant and various sweaters and vests remain in the same state of non-existence they were in ten days ago. Not a good look.

The reason? I found some red yarn. Intoxicating red yarn. Regular readers will recognise this as a weakness of mine.

The yarn is King Cole’s Bamboo Cotton. It is soft, luminous and deep. They’ve just released a new palette of difficult, ambiguous colours. My favourite. The petrol coloured teal is on my wish list. This deep, arterial red makes my fingers giddy.

Regular readers of my blog will  also know that this pattern is another weakness of mine. A free pattern from the unfeasibly handsome Steven West, Boneyard has become a favourite of mine. It’s simplicity makes it suitable for complete beginners (I have, in fact, recommended it to my newly taught little brother. Hi Josh!), but at the same time, it’s good design.

Mr. West has managed to reduce a shawl down to its barest essentials. There is a name for this pared down fusion of form and function; it is elegance. My as yet unfinished attempt looks like this:

Interested parties may also like to know that Mr. West majored in Dance. Handsome, successful combination knitter/dancers scare me. It’s like I’ve been playing solitaire all my life only to find that actually we had been playing poker and someone else has already won.

In other news. I just came back from Anglesea and I’ve been offered a room there (yes, yes, I know- another place to add to the growing list) and someone called me wise in public.

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