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October 1, 2009

Halloween is a season, and a place. The tide that reaches it’s apogee at October thirty first is born when the first leaves start to turn, as soon as mists fall. As soon as the first fruit hass been harvested, the strangeness of Autumn starts to crawl across the earth. It prys itself from the cooling soil, waking from a summer-long hibernation and forming itself into strange forms, whispering shadows and winds that speak ancient spells.

Today is October first! The first official day of Halloween! And, in my mongrelised brand of Christo-Pagan thought, Halloween is very special indeeed.

Halloween celebrates WILDNESS!! Monsters, psycopaths and lingerie costumes! It’s about those anti-social, dark urges that don’t sit comfortably with the public facades we maintain. Halloween is an act of cultural honesty, where we as a society admit that a) not everything is nicey-nice and b) some of the “nasty” things are interesting and worthwhile.

I love the haunted feeling at this time of year. The trees seem to communicate watchfulness. The wind is so playful, so sentient seeming. The whole earth is as twitchy as a cat. Restless. Pregnant with possibility.

This translates into two main things for me:

Firstly, I begin my month long novena/devotion to Saint Kevin. This popular saint of Ireland is normally remembered for his kindness to blackbirds, but he is also known for his willingness to dialogue with monstrous animals and lake monsters. His intense compassion is paired with a violent nature and dislike of women. A very human, very strange type of saint. The God he seems to be describing is unearthly, miraculous and fierce. Loving, yes, but not civilized.  Saint Kevin will be receiving gifts of nettles, apples and cakes for the next month. My ancestor work for this season will also take place under Saint Kevin’s aegis.

Secondly, I will be focusing all the more intently on my Cthulu design project.  I’ve bought my cheap wool, and I’m knitting up swatches tonight. The construction process for the Octopus Bag has been decided, so now it’s just a matter of picking some dimensions Very exciting.

I’ll also be going to visit my friends! Photos of all this and more at the weekend. Until then I’m crazy busy at work (I’m a construction worker, for those who didn’t know) and won’t have time for photo antics.

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