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The Guide

September 18, 2009

I am completely loving The Guide. It’s a program (technically called an “extrinsic outliner”) that allows you to organise your writing into a tree structure. It’s perfect for taking notes, planning projects and keeping stock of things. Organising my whole life into an elongated filing system is soothing. It gives me a sense of perspective. When everything is laid out it looks so simple. That’s probably because life is simple. It’s just the effort of engaging that is hard.

This program helps me with that. If everything, problems and all, is laid out clearly then it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. The effort recquired to take on a small compartment of a job/life is much less than the amount recquired to take on everything. The ability to compartmentalise is a useful one. It is a potent antidote to fear and existential angst. As my father often writes, J.F.D.I.

Plus, it exports all these musings into RTF format. This means I can, at any time, publish a representative book of my whole life. Maybe it’s the exhibitionist in me, maybe it’s the book fetishist, but that is a very cool functionality.

A screen image of me using The Guide.

A screen image of me using The Guide.

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